2013 Officers:

President: Vic Corsi

Treasurer: Jim Davis

Secretary: Ed Takach


2013 Board of Directors:

Herb Crossland

Tom Dunn

Bob Fellows

Nate Freeman

Chip Hedmond

Ron Karabic

Bob McGinnis

Eric Olton

Bill Walters

Nino Suriano

Bob Watts




When: 6:00 pm, Tuesday Nights.

Where: Red Room, Cartledge Fieldhouse.

During the season Coach Saccoccia will be on hand to talk about the previous game and to discuss the upcoming contest.







Past Presidents:

1941-42: Jack Watson

1943-44: Walter Edgar

1945-46: R.H. Miller Jr.

1947-49: H. Milton Elliott

1950-51: Walter Strong

1952: Roy Barnahrt

1953: Dick Wright

1954: Dr. Walter Cunningham

1955: John Edgar

1956-58: Chuck Davidson

1959-60: Les Cash

1961-62: Lee Klein

1963-64: Ed Henry

1965-66: Bill Rhinaman

1967-68: Richard Vosper

1969: Charles Hopkins

1970-72: Joe Vein

1973-74: Ron Baker

1975-76: Gene Richards

1977: Rick Saylor

1978-79: Clarence Whisman

1980: Ron Nixon

1981-82: Larry Knight

1983: Rick Nixon

1984: George Sampson

1985-86: Vic Corsi

1987-88: Dave Corsi

1989-90: John Miller

1991-92: Dave Corsi

1993: Vic Corsi

1994-95: Dave Corsi

1996-97: Vic Corsi

1998-99: Bob McGinnis

2000-01: Vic Corsi

2002-03: Bob McGinnis

2004: Vic Corsi

2005-06: Bob McGinnis

2007-12: Vic Corsi







Please help support the student-athletes of Steubenville High School by clicking below to make a donation.

Your donation helps with things such as: Football and Basketball Banquets, Spring Sports Banquet, Trophies, Team Meals, Stadium Flags, Scholarships, Game Balls, New Basketball Uniforms, New Football Equipment, and New Football Jerseys.


The mission of the Big Red Booster Club is to enhance the Steubenville City Schools student-athletes through a broad range of community programs and activities.

The Big Red Booster Club will always function in an advocate role for the student-athletes of Steubenville High School.

The Big Red Booster Appreciation Dinner


Maximizing a Vision for Steubenville City Schools

In 1858, the Board of Education purchased the Grove Academy located on North 7th Street for $5,000. The upper floor of the south wing was used to house the Steubenville High School. The first graduate in 1860 was a student named Odella J. Patterson. She would later become a teacher at Steubenville High School, after graduating from Westminster and Manmouth College. The high school remained at the Grove Academy location for 12 years. The high school was moved to the first Grant School in 1870 on the corner of South and Forth Street. In 1888, thirty new scholars graduated from the high school. Grant School was later rebuilt in 1925 and served as a Junior High School until 1982.

In 1903, Wells High School, located on the corner of Forth and North Streets, was built for $100,000 and was top flight for its day. In 1940, the last class graduated from Wells High School, and on April 27th, 1941, Wells High School was razed by a fire. In 1938, ground was broken for the present day Steubenville High School. Suggestions were taken in 1939 to name the new high school. Later that same year the Board of Education passed s motion to name the new high school Stanton Memorial High School, after Edwin M. Stanton, who was a Steubenville native and Secretary of War during the Civil War under the Lincoln Administration. Following that decision, Alfred Cocumelli, a high school student representing the Student Council, attended the Board of Education meeting to protest the proposed name. He stated that the students and teachers preferred Steubenville High School. It was then decided to name the new facility Steubenville High School. S.H.S. was dedicated in September of 1940. The cost of the new building was $1,000,00 and was built to house 1,500 students. When the high school opened, 1,285 students were enrolled and it was one of the finest buildings of its kind. A new edition was completed in August of 1994 at the cost of ten million dollars. In March of 2007 fourteen million dollars were ear marked for renovations at S.H.S. The project was completed in December of 2008. Today S.H.S. still stands as one of the finest schools in the State of Ohio.

We hope you have enjoyed this trip down Steubenville City Schools Memory Lane. Special thanks to "Through All of the Years" School reunion booklet.

We had another banner academic year. This past calender year, all state member schools were graded and ranked. This was accomplished at the urging of Govenor Kasich. "Congratulations fo the Steubenville City School District for receiving an Excellent District rating on the Local Report Card from the State of Ohio for the 3rd straight year. We also want to extend a special congratulations to Garfield East and Pugliese West for receiving the Excellent with Distinction Rating. Wells Academy was the highest ranking public elementary school in Ohio, as measured by test results. Pugliese West was ranked 2nd in the state. We, the citizens of Steubenville, should all be proud of our students great work. Congratulations Steubenville City Schools for your outstanding work!


Our Time To Shine

When we look back at days past, we should not take our eye from the present. This is a very demanding and competitive world we live in. We must set a proper trajectory for our students at our beloved Alma Mater to stand ready to compete academically at the next level. Some have become Transit Alumna and Alumnus but we all have the same goal for our young people...Excellence. Do not let this letter end in just words. The hope is that these words land in a place not found on any map. The location resides in the realm of your hearts. Collectively, we can build a solid future for our children.

The Big Red Booster Club was formed in 1941. Our mission is to support the students and athletes of Steubenville High School. Several major projects are scheduled for 2012. Some of these projects include new field turf and renovations to the Cartledge Field House and the Abe Bryan Press Box. We can continue to provide our student athletes opportunities to succeed with your help.

Best regards, Your S.H.S. Boosters Club

Come join us!



Past Booster Honorees:

1997: Lewis Giammarco.

1998: Chuck Davison.

1999: Bob King & John Carlton.

2000: Joe & Hazel Vein, and Nora Rhinaman.

2001: Pat Albaugh, Larry Anderson, Bud Turrentine, and Lee Klein.

2002: Abe Bryan, Harry Firm, and Rich Crugnale.

2003: Cecil Fletcher, Richard Chipps, Judge Richard Powell.

2004: Joe Heatherington, Dave Corsi, and Rich Sperry.

2005: Bill Davis, Don Rensi, Clarance Whisman, Marvin Gosseye, Duke Rakich, Charles Snyder, Ray Talamine, Dave Hindman, Ed West, and Dr. Dan Keenan.

2006: Bob McGinnis, Vic Corsi, Joe Dragoun, Doug Naylor, and Earnest Carey.

2007: Bill Klein, Judi Maus, Judge Jon Spon, George Strachan, and Charles Wilson.

2008: Frank Giannamore, Ken Moore, Robert Medley, Ray Poole, and Mary Reeves.

2009: Robert "Jabby" Young, Dick Vosper, George Bougard, Bob Watt, and Dr. Charles Joyce.

2010: Jerry Barilla, Perry Jeter, Arthur D'Anniballe, Robert Hedmond, Joe DiAlbert, and Richard Ranallo.

2011: Les Cash, William Hendricks, Jim Looman Jr., Ron Mazzaferro, and Rick Saylor.

2012: Bob Fellows, Robert Cornelius, Tim McCoy, Charles Watt, Earl Cramblett, Richard Beal, and Hal Paul.